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There are several different ways in which you may choose to help meet the needs of our school.

Ongoing Needs

  • On-going operational needs
  • Special designated projects
  • Gift Annuities, bequests and wills (multiply your gift through scholarships)
  • In-kind gifts of pertinent instructional items

Pending Capital Needs

  • Instrument panel and interior for Cessna 180/182 rebuild project ($30,000)
  • Flight simulator project ($30,000)
  • Mezzanine installation to expand usable space and increase instructional effectiveness and efficiency in the maintenance training center ($80,000)


  • SMAT scholarship endowment fund
  • Term scholarship fund
  • Annual scholarship

If you are considering giving to SMAT, please contact us for information. If you need more information about us, check out our mission, vision, and leadership. Plan to add your name to the SMAT database and receive periodic mailings of Newsletter, Brochures and other current information concerning how you can help. Please fill and submit the information request form.

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